Monday, October 26, 2009

on the town monday - casa de los niños

this past saturday, my little family packed up the car and headed south to tucson for the day. one of my dearest friends lives down there. it had been so long since i had seen her that it seemed like a great idea. we visited for a while and then spent some quality time visiting the local thrift stores. the best one by far was casa de los niños. it was clean, well organized, and had a large selection of my favorite items to browse: cameras. i was very impressed with their camera selection. there was what appeared to be a waterproof slr and case in fantastic condition. they had a big selection of vintage clothing and basically everything, but i was on a mission to track down a specific camera (did not find it). we went to 3 thrift stores and found casa de los ninos was by far the best when it came to a camera selection. savers and value village thrift had couple cameras total between the two of them. the moral of the story is if you are in tucson looking for a quality thrift store, hit up casa de los niños and help the little niños in the process.


Amanda said...

I found a place you should visit to check out the cameras. Go to Time Warp in Tempe. A patient of ours owns it. Amanda

Stephanie said...

I so want a polaroid too. There's just something about "instant photography" that is so gratifying and fun. :)