Friday, October 23, 2009

nothing i like more friday - bike rides

the baby bike seat finally came in the mail. i made sure it was installed on my bike before the sun went down so i could get a ride in with baby. that was yesterday, there was no picture taken, and husband wasn't able to come. today we all went on a little bike ride and it was amazing. baby talked a lot about what he saw (i'm guessing since he is just babbling) and really seemed to enjoy himself. he doesn't like to wear his helmet, but he is a good sport about it and tolerates it for safety sake. be prepared for more reports of bike adventures - we are loving the weather!

so maybe baby likes to wear his helmet cocked the side. it has been hard to get it tightened just right. and maybe he thinks it attracts the ladies.

husband made this face knowing the picture was for a blog post. i love him like fireworks.


Stephanie said...

What a fun family activity! That baby seat looks super handy.

Anna said...

My dad used to take us for bike rides that way all the time when we were little. Some of my earliest memories are of riding around with him. I'm so happy for Rigby!