Friday, September 18, 2009

nothing i like more friday - polaroid

polaroid instant film is instant gratification at it's best. and it broke my heart when polaroid announced that they were discontinuing their instant line of film. there is still film available online, which is how i got film for wednesday's pictures, but supplies are fading and high priced. fuji has some instant film that is compatible with some cameras, but not for the most popular 600 cameras. but there is hope for the future. i feel it my duty to share some delightful news i ran across about a month ago: next year film with be back in production. it won't be through polaroid, but it will do the trick. urban outfitters has already sold out on their promotional cameras and film. i cannot wait until next year and they start selling more film.

there is always poladroid to create a faux polaroid pic, but that just isn't instant enough for me.

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