Tuesday, September 22, 2009

movie review tuesday - obsessed

film: obsessed
starring: idris elba, beyoncé knowles, and ali larter
synopsis: a married business man's friendliness is mistaken for more by a temp who stalks him and nearly ruins his life.
grade: b

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this movie really got me all worked up and for that it was a well made suspenseful film. it makes me sick when women go after married men and it hurts my heart when married people don't communicate. this movie had both. it stressed me out so much that husband had to rub my shoulders so i could watch it to the end. husband and i discussed what we would do in various scenarios from the film and i was very happy to know we were on the same page, especially the part were the crazy lady came to see business man and beyonce's baby while being baby sat. i said that i would punch the lady in the face if she ever came near my baby and husband said he would be right behind me or beat me to it depending on who ran faster. i then said he would probably beat me in the foot race and could hold the crazy lady while i punched her since it isn't good for boys to hit girls. good compromise, right? anyway, beyonce was amazing and delivered major attitude. ali larter (from heroes) plays crazy so well. idris elba was great and looked very familiar to me. it wasn't until writing this review that i discovered where i had seen him before - last season of the office as charles miner. that puts a lighter note in retrospect on the film i guess. my favorite part of the film was the final freeze frame before the credits. the whole movie was based around the business man and beyonce didn't really have a whole lot of face time, but the final frame is of beyonce and the bottom half of the business man's face. it made me laugh, which was a good way to end the movie. but seriously? why was she the focal point of the final frame? that's right, because she is beyonce and a survivor. its hard to be so bootylicious and deliver the beat down in skinny jeans and high heel boots. but anyway... overall it is great if you are in need of a little stress while watching a movie. but if you are in need of a light film, pick something else.


Publius said...

Yo Lydia, great blog entry, and imma let you finish, but beyonce have one of the best fight scenes of ALL TIME!


Heather!! said...

^ LOL. i was going to comment, but now im too flustered!

Brooke Premo said...

Hi there! Thanks for your comment on my blog today.

I rented this only because Beyonce was in it, and in my eyes, that girl can do no wrong!