Monday, July 27, 2009

on the town monday - arizona science center

last week, baby and i went to the science center with mom, sister and her posse. it was pretty fun. most of it was not baby friendly, but we found enough stuff to keep baby occupied and happy. near the end of our visit, we found this amazing play area for kids age 4 and younger. baby was in awe of all the wooden cars and car mat. he could have spent hours there. sister's kids loved the whole science center. the current lego castle exhibit was the hyperfocus for rex. the girls liked everything, but belle was very excited to dress up like a princess and sit on the throne in the lego area. i've always love the science center. i'm excited to go back when baby is older.

this kid is dedicated to his art.
mom and dancing princess leia made a vortex.
baby and rex at the command loving all the wooden cars and car mat.

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