Thursday, July 23, 2009

eat your heart out thursday - teharu sushi

finally sister and i were able to go out for sushi. a friend suggested teharu sushi, a revolving sushi bar. it was awesome. there is a conveyor belt that brings different (cooked) sushi options to you were you sit. the items are on different colored plates to differentiate the price for the dish. for raw sushi, you special order it. you serve yourself, stack up the plates, and your bill is based on the plates you have at the end of the meal. the dishes are between 1 and 2 dollars with 2 to 6 piece rolls. best idea ever.

sister and i shared just about everything, so we ended up trying a lot of different things. between us we ate:
las vegas roll
caterpillar roll
crispy roll
squid salad
haru poppers
salmon on rice
tempura shrimp roll
and 4 others i can't remember

we loved being able to eat a wide variety (and we did) for the price of two 8 piece rolls at the average sushi place. we left quite satisfied. and writing about it makes me want to go again. those haru poppers were amazing. did i mention we grabbed 3 serving of them? i'll admit we went all out on stuffing ourselves with yummy japanese cuisine, but this place makes eating quality sushi affordable for everyday life.

that is 16 plates. the guy next to us only had 3.

behold - haru popper! basically a japanese jalapeno popper. amazing!
some dessert options were pretty funny
snack pack
mini apple pies


Amie said...

wow that looks amazing!! way jealous, i LOVE sushi.

Heather!! said...