Thursday, July 30, 2009

eat your heart out thursday - salty senorita

for our anniversary dinner, husband and i went to the salty senorita. the only things we knew before going there is that is served mexican food, it was a casual venue, and that their menu included a fish taco with mango salsa. upon arrival we realized that this place liked to serve drinks. the food menu was just a page, but there was a whole book of all the different drinks they offered - all of which we were not interested in. the music was amazing. while there we heard coldplay, death cab for cutie, and even a little kanye. the food was amazing! i ordered chicken enchiladas and husband ordered the aforementioned fish tacos. the portion sizes were just right, especially considering we ate before the movie and did not have a place for leftovers. this place was really a gem. and our waitress was a delight. i'm sure if we were the drinking kind it would have boosted the charm of the place, but we definitely plan to visit the salty seniority again. i will probably order the fish tacos as well. i have never eaten something so flavorful! if you are planning on a dinner in downtown scottsdale, check it out.

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