Friday, June 5, 2009

nothing i like more friday - baby sign language

i love the idea of having baby communicate with me before he is able to form his jibberish into real words. around the time baby was born i was given the complete idiots guide to baby sign language. upon reading it i became aware of the fact that babies develop the muscles in their hands needed to sign long before they develop the muscles needed for speech. and with that i was convinced that i was going to teach baby to sign. i began with the sign for milk when he was 6 months old. he caught on pretty quick as far as understanding (at least that is the story i'm sticking with) but it wasn't until he was 9 months old that he signed it. oh boy was i excited when that happened! my dad taught his to sign all gone. i am now working on teaching him to sign eat. we'll see how long that one takes. what i would really like to do is get a copy of baby signing time because that would teach both of us the signs at the same time. plus there is music to go along with the signs. in utah they play signing time on pbs, but it doesn't appear that it is shown here. if anyone knows what channel i can find it on in arizona, let me know.

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