Tuesday, June 2, 2009

nervous times a million

i am taking part in a crash course in photography this saturday. or at least i am planning on it. a few weeks ago i emailed the teacher to make sure she got the payment and to see if she figured out any further details about the class - namely where and when. she emailed back that details were still in the works. five days until the class and i still do not have the information. she has had very positive feedback on her classes, but i cannot help but feel nervous about how things are going to go down come saturday morning. i have really been looking forward to this one.

taken by dani via 2004

*update* i got the info this afternoon!!! hooray!!! turns out the class is way the hay out in north phoenix. crazy.


Flying Princess said...

What on earth are you doing awake at this (that) hour?!?!??!

hughnogn (these word verification people are starting to be amusing: huge noggin)

Anonymous said...
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AlexaRaye said...

Yay photography!

Dani said...

Ah man! You used the pre-flipped, pre-touch-up-ed picture. Did I ever give you a copy of if when I realized I have the negative backwards? I'm pretty sure I still have some in my portfolio, anyways, yeah for the camera class, you'll have to tell me about when I come to see you next week!