Tuesday, June 23, 2009

movie review tuesday - valkyrie

film: valkyrie
starring: tom cruise and kenneth branagh
synopsis: based on actual events, a plot to assassinate hitler is unfurled during the height of world war II.
grade: b-

very interesting film. i guess i never thought about men within germany's military trying to take down hitler. why it never crossed my mind, who really knows. i learned some about how the government was set up in germany at the time - like that the valkyrie even existed. as far as the assisnation plan, for a while i was hoping that there would be a plot twist like hitler really died from this attempt even though i know that he died in his bunker by his own accord. overall it lacked the right level of suspense to be an amazing film.

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Anonymous said...

I fell like the fake eye should have gotten a credit billing for the movie; it was in some intense scenes. As for tom cruise why couldn't the guy do an accent? Sure the other actors in the movie did British ones, but at least they tried.