Wednesday, June 24, 2009

just picture it wednesday - afternoon shenanigans

since i am in school and have homework to finish, baby has been finding ways to entertain himself. i appreciate his ability to find interest in the oddest of places (oven mitt drawer) because it gives us time to accomplish our goals for the day. i get homework done and he gets to explore and make messes. it is a win win situations until it comes time to clean up. but even then, it is not so bad. yesterday baby had way too much fun.

1. knock down high chair tray. cereal anyone?
2. find kettle in pantry and cart it around
3. take it down the hall just to ditch everything but the lid and pick up tupperware ball
4. take lid and tupperware ball to kitchen to add to collection* in oven mitt drawer
5. get distracted by camera timer, forget kettle lid and ball, and book it to the flashing light
6. discover kettle again while being shooed away form camera
7. lose interest in everything and decide it is naptime

*collection includes tv remote, re-chargable battery, and maybe one oven mitt because most are on the floor

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Heather!! said...

L-O-V-E, LOVE this post.