Tuesday, June 30, 2009

movie review tuesday - across the universe

film: across the universe
starring: evan rachael wood and jim sturgess
synopsis: the music of the beatles and the vietnam war form the backdrop for the romance between an upper-class american girl and a poor liverpudlian artist.
grade: b-

since the film is based on music the beatles, it goes without saying that the soundtrack was fantastic. we all know how i'm a big fan :) the cinematography was breathtaking - i especially enjoyed scenes from the first half of the film. one thing to keep in mind about this one is that it takes place in the 60s, and it goes through all the typical experiences of a young adult at the time. bono make a cameo as a "doctor" offering a new and exciting perspective on life - what a visual trip! if narcotics make life anything like the visuals in that section of the movie, then that just gives me one more reason to stay clear. the story line was typical of a romance. a bonus was that the lead had a voice similar to ewan mcgregor. that and the cinematography reminded me so much of moulin rouge, only this was a bit more risque. looking at the timeline of the movie, it was no surprise that i enjoyed the first half of the movie best. the darkness of the sex and drugs of the 60s makes me uncomfortable, but as far as film making they did a great job because i got a sense of how it was without actually have to be there. thank heavens for that. i love the 50s, but i thank my lucky stars i was born in the 80s so that i could miss out on the 60s. the military draft alone would have me on edge.

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Heather!! said...

i do LOVE this movie, my dad's a huge beatle's fan...they wrote enough to make several movie plots, ifyou ask me, so yeah, B- is pretty fair for the film...