Monday, May 4, 2009

on the town monday - wild animal park

on saturday husband's family took us to the wild animal park in san diego. it was awesome. most tourists do not know about it, so it was not crowded at all. i'm pretty sure that was my favorite aspect of the park. i am not a fan of crowded venues, especially with baby in tow. there were lots of things to do and lots of animals to see. my favorites were pink flamingos, giraffes (there were 3 baby ones), and the birds i got to feed. and yes, i feed one while it was perched on my arm. i was also bit by another because it wanted some, but the perched bird did not want to share. and another one landed on my head. that one freaked me out mostly because i did not want to have poop in my hair. baby liked it alright, but only because we were outside. i don't think he cared about any of the animals except the bird we fed. he tried to pet one and it snapped at him. he wised up pretty quick that they were to look at and not to touch. if you are in the san diego area and are thinking about visiting the zoo, don't because it is apparently crowded. go to the wild animal park instead. they have animals from all over africa and a photobooth.

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