Friday, May 15, 2009

nothing i like more friday - pleasant days

this past mother's day was awesome. here is a rundown of all the fun things that happened.

*spent the night over at my parents to talk to my little brother who is serving his mission in canada. he called at 6am in the morning. that may not have been my favorite part of the day - waking up so early - but i miss my brother and was really excited to hear form him.
*i attended my parent's ward and i got to see many familiar faces.
*dad and i made chimichangas with chipotle salsa for lunch. they were amazing.
*took a picture of my mom laughing. i love it when she laughs. and i think she is awesome.

*my mom got calls form my older siblings via skype, so it was great to see them.
*my brother delivered the best show of cleverness ever seen from him.
*got a cheesecake sampler from my mom.

*mom enjoyed the day.
*ate hazelnut gelato.
*had a fantastic conversation with my father-in-law.

now only a couple of these things particular to it being mother's day necessarily, but it was a fantastic day. i believe that is how the day should go - it should just be pleasant. i know that such pleasant days are not an everyday occurrence, so i am very thankful for the way my first mother's day was one of them.


Flying Princess said...


HEY!?! That's my mom!

Belle likes the picture, too. She wants to go there.

Who was the clever one and what did he do?

Can I order chimichangas for my birthday?

likefireworks said...

The clever one was Michael. He asked mom if he could have some chex mix. She sais yes and told him to go get a (cereal) bowl to put it in. I watched him go to the right cupboard, stop for a minute, then reach down into a lower cupboard to get a large popcorn size bowl. He walked back to mom with a smile that said "I am so clever." He was really proud of himself. I laughed so hard and I'm still laughing about it.

You will have to ask dad about the chimichangas because I will be house-sitting in CA. I may make them on your birthday and eat them in your honor. :)

Amy said...

I would love to try your wonderful amazing recipe for chimichangas.....will you post it??