Friday, May 29, 2009

nothing i like more friday - getting closer to graduating

**i am still waiting for people to respond to this post. if you are reading this, go straight to this post and comment, please.**

it feels like i have been in school since the dawn of time. i would like to take you on a journey through my college experience.

fall 04 - i started out majoring in chemical engineering. that lasted a semester. totally the wrong thing for me.
winter 05 - then it was exercise science. and i was really excited.
winter 06 - i was in an auto-pedestrian accident (as the pedestrian) the during the semester i took anatomy. needless to say, i flunked that semester and had to retake 3 out of the 5 classes. that put me behind and very discouraged.
summer 06 - i broke my toe in a work-related accident. this did not effect my school work so much, but it did not help the situation.
fall 06 - i considered changing to nutrition, but didn't.
winter 07 - when it came time to register and i could not get into any classes i needed to, and it was turning out that i would be in school the rest of my life just pursuing an undergrad. over dramatic, it know. instead of fretting (for too long) over the classes i couldn't get into, i took a few classes that i had been wanting to take. in doing so i discovered home and family living - the perfect major for my miscellaneous interests and growing disinterest in chemistry and physics.
summer 07 - i got married.
fall 07 - i got pregnant, and extremely sick. that took me out of school for the year.
summer 08 - finished 2 independent study courses and one on campus. baby was born in august - 6 weeks before i needed to start another semester.
fall 08 - took 3 courses and loved them! i was starting to love school but hating the weather provo had to offer.
winter 09 - started with 3 courses, dropped one, decided we needed to move to az, made arrangements to finish classes via correspondence, and moved to the valley of the sun. i finished out the semester strong and really loved my classes. i really wish i could have found my current major early on because the professors i had were amazing. i really was sad to leave my classes, but it was really necessary to get our of ut.

that brings to now. as of now i have 8 or 9 classes left to take before i am done. all but one can be taken though byu independent study. there are 3 independent study courses that i am enrolled in and i registered for a summer course at mcc that starts monday. with the end in sight, i wish i could just work all day on school and just check another class off every month. baby demands a lot of my time, so i have to go slower, but i am still working towards it. if everything goes as planned, i will be done by april 2010. how awesome, right?! i am really excited to reach my goal of graduating from college and to have gotten it done despite all the obstacle that got in my way. even though i have whined and complained through the most of my time at byu (all because of the weather - i swear it is) i really like learning. i love going to school and learning new skills. i am also very glad to be done with all the "have-to" classes and moving on to other things in life like photography.

this post was a little excessive, and kudos to you if you read it all.


Anonymous said...

Are you taking an online class this summer or going to take a course on campus?

likefireworks said...

On campus. I'm nervous, but excited. I'd sing a song about it, but I know people will just stare at me :)

Amy said...

Bahhahah! "I was nervous, and excited, so I sang a song called 'Nervous, but Excited...' You make me laugh! I'm so glad that you have found something that you love, and that you are doing it! I'm proud of you! Yes, I remember those first few semesters, they were not your favorite times, I know!

Congratulations, and keep working hard!! You're great to be able to do it all despite everything that has occurred.

Anonymous said...

LOL! : ) I'm going to be on campus on M - Th from 8am - 1pm, so if you have time to chat sometime let me know.