Wednesday, May 27, 2009

roll call

my name is lydia. i write this blog. i love photography. so check me out!

who are you and why do you read my blog? do you have any suggestions for topics? anything you want to know? any questions for me? i want to hear from my readers!

*update* i'm so vaclempt. talk amongst yourselves. i'm thinking of having a giveaway. maybe a photoshoot? maybe some baby shoes? i'm not sure. any thoughts? discuss.


Flying Princess said...

I am your sister and I read it because I am nozy and like to be annoyed by your non-use of capital letters.

Lots of pictures are good, especially since you have that new-fangled camera.

I want to know if you want to give me your Photoshop Elements program since it doesn't work on your Mac.

Who is your favorite sister?


Big Rig said...

Actually, it's Adam. Rigby's letting me use his account since I fed him his favorite cereal.

I'm glad you finally found the link you were looking for, for the first line of this entry. ("Protect your bishop, Glenn!!") I was going to surprise you with it until I realized it was already there.

So I'm your husband and I read this pretty much because I'm always interested in any new programming on the Lydia channel.

I have just one...
Question: Which type of bear is best?

False. Black Bear.

Anonymous said...

I'd like more of your music input. You always find interesting cool bands that I've never heard of before.

Amy said...

bahhh... I just wrote a very fitting comment, but then found it didn't post. Poop.

Basically, I wanted to say that I love reading about what you've been up to. I love laughing about what you experience and getting my Lydiafill via your blog!

Keep blogging! :)

Dani said...

I read! I'm just in TX, distracted right now. You are one of my links to the outside world so to day, you keep my up to date so I'm not a total loser. hey I get back in town the 9th..

Jen said...

I read because you blog stalked me so I blog stalked you back and now we are blog friends in addition to being real friend. So there's that.