Wednesday, April 15, 2009

daily specials

i've decided to touch on special topics on specific days of the week. this should encourage me to write more often. this will also prevent me from writing about the same thing everyday and getting into a rut. i got the idea from another blog and the latest episode of the big bang theory. even though the "consistency" of a weekly schedule is slightly frowned upon by sheldon's friends, i find the schedule something to look forward to while, hopefully, building up a fan base. got to write regularly to attract reader, am i right? here is the tentative schedule:

on thet town monday - recap of weekend outings
movie review tuesday - a review of the movie rented for free redbox monday
just picture it wednesday - spotlight on a lovely photograph
eat your heart out thursday - recipe or resturant review
nothing i like more friday - focus on things i enjoy to start the weekend off right

if anyone has a suggestion or request for the weekly special, do not hessitate to share.

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