Friday, April 10, 2009

say what?

oh man. i cannot sleep with the noise from upstairs so i am sitting in the living room reading a delightful blog while listening to an intense religious/pro-life conversation/debate taking place on the balcony above my apartment. and someone just droped a mormon reference. an interesting conversation for sure. and i'm pretty sure i just heard someone defending the church while inserting an obsenity into their argument. also, i do believe that the peeps upstairs dropped a fresh cigarrette on my porch because they came down to look for it. funny thing about that was that they were whispering because there is nothing but outdoor voices coming from the balcony. initially i was irritated by the party that has kept me up this late, but now i have to say that it has truely completed my feeling of being at home. growing up here in the valley of the sun brought many instances where i saw many of my peers stand as living contradictions concerning their beliefs and actions. in a way it is nice to know that even though the look of things has changed over the past 5 years that i've been away, the people are more or less the same. and for that i am thankful to be home. actually, i have found people have been exponentially friendlier here than in ut. whether that is a result in change of attitude on my part or not, i cannot say. i am so happy to be back in the home land and feeling like i belong.

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