Monday, April 27, 2009

on the town monday

saturday night husband and i made our way over to tempe marketplace to see what it was all about. it was pretty dang exciting. we started by eating at yum! yum! china. i'll let you know all about it on thursday, but i will tell you it was yum! yum! after eating, we watched a blues band perform live in a courtyard. the singer appeared to be in 60/70-ish and very animated. i have to say, he was the most entertaining part of the performance. i about died when he sang the line "my car got reposessed this morning" - it was just so funny. i guess you just had to be there, but this guy knew how to entertain. we sat through a few songs and then decided to browse barnes and nobles. right outside the enterance there was another concert going on with a female artist singing. she had an awesome voice. sorry i don't have anymore info on the performers. i listened intently during the break between songs of the blues band, but they never mentioned their name and i did not attempt at all to catch the girl's name. if these two performances were any indication of what is normally heard while hanging out at tempe marketplace on the weekend then i highly recommend checking it out. i loved that it was an outdoor mall that offers more than just trendy shops. i think we will make our way over there many more times. i just wish i had known in time about the latest x-men movie is premiering at the harkins theatre there. it would have been a dream come true to be at a movie premire with hugh jackman in attendance. yeah - hugh jackman is going to be in tempe! my hometown is just so cool.

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Lisa Jean said...

My roommate Jenny is going to the premire, all she had to do was stand in line for 10 minutes! I tried to convince her to go in blue body paint (I mean it would increase her chances of getting a male cast member to sit next to her).