Tuesday, April 28, 2009

movie review tuesday

this week: martian child
starring: john cusack, amanda peet, and joan cusack
synopsis: widower adopts a little boy who says he is from mars
grade: b

i loved the cinematography in this movie! the choice part, in my opinion, was the montage at the bowling ally. loved it this [_________________________] much! it was typical john cusack humor - another thing i love. i cannot get enough of how he is able to say the things he does with a straight face. genius. there were parts in the movie were a little slow, and i was a little concerned the few times john's character had to yell, but on the whole it was a good uplifting film. on a final note, i really enjoyed the music selection. my favorite tune from the soundtrack was "satellite" by guster. enjoy the martian dance. i know i do.

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