Tuesday, March 17, 2009

i'm 23 and i'm a mac

life is all sorts of crazy, and the apartment in provo is still in need of new tenants, but i got to get a camera and a macbook!!!

husband was kind enough to let me get them early. i am so excited to have my very own new computer - i'm the first one to ever put anything on it! you have no idea how excited i am about this. sometime within the week i hope to make a sleeve it - i found a tutorial that looks promising.

i do not like salesmen and my dislike for them grew while at the apple store. no beef toward the good people of apple, this salesman was just over the top. first thing: he wasted my time - i told him what i wanted and that i was not going to buy anything else. final answer. and he continued to talk to me about other products. second thing: he had attitude - i tried to make it a quick interaction, he made it longer than necessary, and yet had the nerve to give 'tude because wasted his time or whatever. third and final thing: he looked like snidely whiplash - i don't talk with villians.

i am anxiously awaiting the time that i can go swimming. and to be honest, i want to get rid of the ghostly white skin i acquired in utah.

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