Friday, February 27, 2009

random facts

1. google reader is my best friend because I am a blog junkie.

2. my hobbies/interests have changed more times than madonna has re-invented herself. the only one that has really stood the test of time is photography.

3. marriage has ruined chick flicks for me. i have no need for the fairy tale stories because my life is way better. you are now excused to vomit over the sappy-ness.

4. i look forward to when the grocery ads come out every week. there is nothing like the high i get from shopping the bargains to maximize the food budget.

5. someday i would like to own a seafoam green vespa with a matching sidecar. sidecars = classy.

6. i want to be a professional photographer.

7. my favorite place to visit is newport beach, ca. i stayed on balboa island with my sister one summer and it was amazing!

8. growing up i never wanted to be a mom. if i had known how cool little man would be, my attitude would have been different.

9. my current favorite book is the millionaire next door. it makes me sad how americans view their finances and all the debt the average american accumulates.

10. i miss my sister and wish we lived in the same state - but living in the same country would be an improvement.

11. i love building forts out of sheets and such. oh the forts that will be made when little man is old enough to appreciate it. or maybe tomorrow.

12. my favorite movie is mean girls. my love of the movie increases when husband quotes it - which is pretty often.

13. i am a tetris master. i spent a lot of time in high school calculus playing battle tetris with a classmate - time well spent.

14. when i was little i couldn't understand why anyone would like the color green because it was the color of boogers. it is now my favorite color and has been for years.

15. i can't wait to take little man swimming.

16. the only craving i had while pregnant was french fries with avocado.

17. husband and i are working on watching all the bond movies. if anyone would like to join us in our endeavor, i am all about creating a movie night posse.

18. my favorite pizza toppings are tomatoes and avocado.

19. i want to have an avocado to eat right now.

20. i have seen guster three times in concert and it has not been enough.

21. i would love to visit rome - traveling around it in a sidecar would be ideal. :)

22. i love vintage cameras, especially twin lens cameras.

23. i have watched this video about a million times: it is probably my favorite song - mostly because of all the instruments involved. the accordion really makes it.

24. i had gained my freshman 15 from 2 full bowls of the creamery's peanut butter cup ice cream every sunday. worth every bite.

25. lately all i have been able to think about is getting a DSLR camera and a macbook. as soon as someone takes over our old contract in utah, they are mine. anyone looking for a nice 3 bed/1 bath place in provo?

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