Sunday, January 19, 2014

Plans for a Great 2014

That was a long blogger break, but I felt drawn back to track my progression on my goals for the year. Since I last posted, the Boy started Kindergarten and I got a part-time job at a local photo studio. Those two events left me living out the remainder of the year flying by the seat of my pants. And Christmas being thrown together last minute. This year I am going to get my act together.

1. Print photos - I have about 4 years worth of digital photos. Whether it be thousands of 4x6 prints or large wall displays or photo books, those puppies need to be printed. This also goes for professional work so that I can have a hard copy of my portfolio.

2. Read the Book of Mormon as a family - We started it last year and the Boy is capable of reading verses himself, so it just needs to become part of our bedtime routine.

3. Paint entry way - Since we moved in, our entryway has been maroon. It has been doom and gloom dark and not very welcoming to guests (or me). It needs to get happy.

4. Plan and take a fun and educational trip to Oregon - Husband's sister recently moved there and that is reason enough to go visit. The plan is to get books from the library and do a little bit of research with the Boy to figure out what we want to see. Did I mention the Boy loves all the states in the U.S.? I'm hoping we can get to all 50 at some point or another.

5. Go to the temple 6 times - I doubt I made it that many times last year because life was just so busy. Averaging a visit every other month is a reasonable goal.

6. Develop 2 weeks' worth of meals to regularly rotate through - Last year I had to come to terms with the need to eliminate/minimize some foods in my diet for health reasons. Every recipe in my regular standby menu needs to be scrapped or re-configured.

7. Learn to skillfully use 3 different film cameras - I have a ridiculously large camera collection and a moderate-sized supply of film in my fridge. These two things need to join forces.

8. Set up my living room and reading room to be used for photo clients - There are business goals (none included in this list) that I have for this year and having a place to meet with clients would sure help move things along.

9. Scan and restore family photos - My mom's side of the family has a lot of old family photos and I happen to have the skills to scan and restore old photos. It seems like the least I can do in terms of genealogy work. Plus I love looking at old photos.

10. Participate in the Project 10 Challenge every month - I am part of a group on facebook that posts a theme every month for a 10 photo series. While I have been a member of the group for a while, I have not participated yet. It would be good for my photography and soul to have a mini photo shoot that pushes my creativity.

11. Learn to play the ukulele - I have been telling Husband for over a year that I wanted to own and play the ukulele. Jen inspired me to just get it done.

12. Plan an intentional Christmas - To put it simply, this last Christmas was not good for our family. It had everything to do with a lack of planning ahead. Not this year.

13. Submit at least 24 photos to the Beesley Project - It is an honor to have been asked to participate in this project. Basically, it is a daily analysis of each hymn in the LDS hymn book. Another good project for my photography and soul.

14. Learn to play one piece from the Pride and Prejudice piano book well enough to perform publicly - Husband's dad recently gave us his digital piano. I have been without a piano in my home for about 10 years, so my skills have gotten rusty. When I was younger I performed at recitals at least 3 times a year. While I don't really want to have a recital, I would love to have a new piece of recital music ready.

15. De-clutter my house - It is embarrassing to say, but there are still some boxes in my bedroom from when we moved into our house 2.5 years ago. There are things in just about every room that don't really have a home. There are things in my house that I have not used since before Husband and I married 6.5 years ago. My house is in no way any where near hoarder territory, but I would like get rid of things that are just taking up space. Organizing all my camera gear would be helpful, too.

16. Go to the gym 3 times a week - Working out is my anti-depressant and I got out of the habit when the school year started.

17. Spend 15 uninterrupted minutes a day with the Boy - Life has been busy and I have been majorly distracted. The Boy has noticed and often stands uncomfortably close to me while I am working at my computer to get my attention. I read somewhere that spending just 15 minutes uninterrupted by technology or whatever can make a huge difference in a child's day and behavior. It should make a difference in my behavior, too.

18. Attend or host a social event once a month - Hermit behavior does nothing to benefit me. When I get busy, I become a huge hermit. Once a month should keep me connected with the outside world enough to prevent me from being any more awkward that I already am. Lets hope that I can be invited to an event most months so I don't have to plan too much...

19. Go out on a date with Husband once a month - Husband and I have gotten pretty good at setting time aside for each other every evening once the Boy is in bed, but we rarely go out on a date. How can we demonstrate PDA if we are never out in public together?

20. Find and enroll the Boy in an extracurricular activity - Art, dance, sports, music, or something else, would benefit the Boy since he is a sponge and just soaks information up like crazy.


Jen Bosen said...

I foresee an epic uke duet in our future. Like dueling banjos, but more islandy.

Alicia Hanley said...

Great goals! I have yet to set resolutions for the year. Maybe one of them should be to stop procrastinating.

Ali Mills said...

Welcome back Lydia! I love your goals!