Monday, May 28, 2012

Daytime of the Night

A week ago I spent an evening at the most excellent photography workshop taught be Sarah from Apple&Arrow (she is kind of a big deal). It was all about lighting, specifically using artificial light to imitate daylight. This class was so helpful, for so many reasons. And honestly, it erased my fears of artificial lighting.

A detailed list was provided to make a lighting set-up out of inexpensive materials.

Various lighting set ups for portraits were demonstrated as Chelsea from Tea Talk patiently modeled.

We were allowed time to practice different lighting figurations to photograph various products.

This was an enjoyable evening with very cool people, including my favorites, Jen and Camille. I can't wait for another opportunity to hang out with Sarah and talk photography.


Shelby said...

These look wonderful! I'd have no idea they weren't shot in sunlight.

Shelby said...
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