Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

A few weeks ago I looked up the history behind Cinco de Mayo, and came to the conclusion that it is an American holiday to eat Mexican food. Good enough. I invited some family over and we ate glorified taco salads, listened to mariachi music, and burst open a piñata. This may be the start of a fantastic family tradition.

decorations inspired by oh happy day

delicious salad fixings - i had elk for the first time and it was amazing

best cupcakes I've ever eaten - red velvet piñata/flowers and Mexican hot chocolate

piñata inspired by refinery29

the piñata was too heavy for the string, so I told the boys they could throw it at the wall to bust it open. they were more than happy with that plan.

the boys were satisfied with the payoff.

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