Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Now it is Art

Today's prompt was dressing up a coat. Well, what dresses up a coat quite like putting a bird on it?

scarf: homemade, coat: delias, bird: homemade, jeggings: old navy, boots: target

I should note that I wore this coat only for the time it took to take pictures. It is in the high 70s today in the Valley of the Sun and this coat was from my Utah years. I sure do love my home.

Also, the Boy really liked the idea of putting birds on things.


Sarah in Indiana said...

Put a bird on it is the answer to any design problem. Love that coat! I would almost be sad not to need it. Almost.

Courtney said...

The bird is really unique. I love that it is homemade.


audrey said...

oh lydia. i love the bird on it ! you are so wonderful.

Elizabeth said...

Cute coat and bird! (I <3 Portlandia. My husband is from Portland and he thinks it's hilarious too.) It was nice to meet you last night at ABC12!