Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Activites

This Christmas season we focused more on activities we could do together, with extended family, and with friends instead of the presents. I can report that the Boy, Husband, and I had the most enjoyable Christmas ever. No grinching whatsoever. Here is a rundown of our activities with some pictures thrown in here and there:

*decorated our Christmas tree

*the Boy unwrapped a Christmas book every night for bed time (every book he unwrapped received the explanation of "another Christmas book!!!!")

*visited Natal Circle Christmas lights (with the largest collection of creepy Santa decorations I have ever seen)

*took Christmas card pictures and sent them out
*the Boy help decorate my parents' Christmas tree
*watched the Christmas Devotional
*visited the Mesa Temple lights and Nativity exhibit with my parents

*made simple Christmas decorations
*the Boy completed a sticker Nativity advent calendar
*bought Christmas music (seriously - this is a HUGE step from my grinching days)
*I saw White Christmas the Musical with Husband's dad
*took many neighborhood walks looking at Christmas lights
*hosted a dinner party and cookie exchange (best idea ever! check out Camille's post for more details)

*I attended the First Annual Cousins Christmas Craft Extravaganza hosted by my super talented mom

*attended the Tempe Boat parade with my parents

*Husband and I attended KTAR's production of A Christmas Carol at the Orpheum Theater with Husband's dad

*watched a few Christmas movies and Cowboys and Aliens
*unexpected trip to CA for a funeral and to see family and friends

*the Boy help decorate Husbands' mom's Christmas tree
*Science Center adventures with Husband's mom and sister (and another with a college friend and her kids)

*the Boy made cookies with Husband's sister

*the Boy made wrapping paper with Husband's mom

*saw the beach and empty tide pools
*remembered Husband's grandmother and rejoiced that she is in a better place reunited with her husband
*made (and ate) tamales with my mom
*attended Christmas Eve party at my aunt's house
*attended the special Christmas service at church with Husband's dad
*ate Christmas lunch/dinner with my parents
*slept and rested because we all had some degree of the same cold for half the month
*made Turkey soup with Christmas day leftovers

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