Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Home Design Hyperdrive

I attended the hello there! house home and garden event a few weekends ago. It was awesome. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, my mind has not stopped thinking about what I want to do to my house. Here is a brief rundown of what I have been thinking about:

*color scheme - found inspiration in a dress in my closet

*simple holiday decorations

*more photos, more frames, more stuff on the wall

*outdoor living with some sun shades, comfy furniture, and art of some kind

*small container gardens

*dye, dye, dye - slip cover, lampshade, and perhaps some curtains

*reupholster some armchairs

*another million details that I haven't committed to yet

As I execute each project, I'll post the details. Can I tell you I am super excited? Thinking about the possibilities just help me love my house more and more. Especially since I am committed to keep each project inexpensive without compromising quality.

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