Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stick a Pin in It

My life is being devoured by school. Heaven help me. But there is an end in sight. I'll take a SFL midterm this week and finish that class in 2 weeks. I will not let technical writing eat my soul. I will enroll in my last SFL class today. Technical writing will eat my soul. My finish date has been moved from July 5th to July 15th to lessen the amount of soul eaten by technical writing. Have I mentioned I don't like technical writing? Because I don't.

In other news, I'm on pinterest now because I'm hip. You can view my pins anytime you want.

There are many blog posts swimming around in my head about my parents' garden, incorporating LOTS of fresh produce into our diet these days, our house buying journey (!), thrift store shopping, recipes/food pictures and more but that will all have to wait for another day. Plus I still think I owe a coupon follow up post. Keep me honest and pester me for those posts if you are interested.

Pray that we get a closing date on the house soon. And that technical writing will not eat my soul.

The Boy is still awesome. Even with sticky green sucker hands.


Teachinfourth said...

Hope the house closes soon for you.

It's funny that my life is being devoured by school right now, too; however, I think it is in another capacity.

Dani said...

Yes, keep those updates coming, school, house and coupons!

And I'm so glad the end of school is in sight! U can do it!