Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy birthday, MJ!

I'd like to take a moment out the the NYC trip recap to celebrate my brother.

Yesterday was his 33rd birthday. He insisted on a Toy Story 3 theme, and boy did he get one. Well done, Mom.

Toy Story 3 cupcakes

My sister was an honorary guest via Skype

Happy birthday to you!

Taking a closer look at all the characters

This card sang "You've Got A Friend in Me" and was 3D holographic


"Toy Story 3 sticker book! No way!"

All the loot

And one very pleased birthday boy.

His cupcake of choice was Buzz Lightyear. Upon asking him to stop spinning the cake topper to pose for this photo he said "Hold still, Buzz." Followed by "You got it, MJ" said in a different voice. Priceless.


Flying Princess said...

Awesome! Glad I could be there. My captured video pics are nothing compared to yours. Good job.

Dani said...

33?! No way! Wow. He sure does look like he had a blast! Happy Birthday M!