Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pass the Veggies Please!

This week we've gone completely vegetarian (ovo-lacto) with a HUGE emphasis on eating more fruit and veggies. So far we have enjoyed omelette sandwiches, breakfast burritos, fruit salad, veggie sandwiches, and pasta salad. I love opening up the fridge and seeing all the wonderful produce staring back (there is obviously less there now since the week is almost over). It has been a blessing for us because our systems needed a little cleansing via some nice produce. Baby has been loving all the grapes. Husband has been loving all the bell peppers. I have been loving all the berries. Overall, it has been a great week.

burrito filling

veggie sandwich

delicious pasta salad (thanks Meghan!)

*post edit* I spoke too soon. No more than an hour after posting Husband got sick. I blame the grilled pineapple from last night (that some friends made) because I will not admit it was my meal planning that did him in. Now I'm trying to keep calm and relaxed so I don't follow suit. Maybe there is a stomach flu going around...?

*post post edit* I really jinxed us. It must have been a short-lived stomach flu and it got me last night. Twice. Now everybody pray that Baby doesn't catch it.


Meggy said...

yay!! This makes me happy!! We need more people like you guys who are willing to go veg (even if for a week) and be nice to our bodies/world. Do you feel any better or different? I'm like you and jump on the berries before anyone else gets a chance...

Amie said...

The hubs and I are just getting over the stomach flu! Though I don't think it could have gotten all the way down to you. I really admire you for going all veg for a week!

Adam said...
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Lauren Kristine said...

I'm going to be making a bunch of vegetarian meals with Alex before he leaves for school... my new favorite thing is red quinoa with a black bean/corn/avocado mixture over it. (Recipe from the back of the TJ's quinoa box!) It's fantastic warm, cold, as a salad, or as a burrito/wrap filling. Maybe I'll make it for you guys when we visit?