Monday, March 1, 2010

Papago Park

This morning Baby and I met up with a old friend from high school to go hiking. Hiking turned into more like an hilly walk when it was realized that keeping Baby in the stroller was best for his safety. I forgot how much I like the look of Papago Park. I love the desert plants and the fun rock formations. We stopped for a water break at one point and let Baby walk around. He looked like he was getting ready to hug a cactus at one point, so that ended our water break. No one was cacti-ed, thank goodness.

When it was time to go, I packed up the car while Baby started a twig collection. He picked up one twig after another and gently placed them on the floor of the car. Unfortunately Baby has a mean mommy so his twig collection had to stay at the park. Dani K says that he made the saddest face when I returned his collection to the dessert floor. I'm pretty sure Baby got over it by the time we got home to his car collection.

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