Monday, February 15, 2010

Out to Lunch Concert Series

The Mesa Arts Center has a fun little event going on right now. Every Thursday they have a musicians perform for a free lunchtime concert! The genre of music varies from week to week, so there is something to appeal to just about everyone. This last week, Baby and I went down to check out Bill Taylor's Early Birds perform. They were said to play Big Band and Dixieland. I found them to be very entertaining. The band conductor counted the band off and then served as a back up dancer of sorts during the music. It was quite charming. The band, as well as most of the people in attendance, were senior citizens. I saw a woman there with a walker complete with a license plate that read "Sexy Lady." Classy, for sure. It was a delightful little outing for Baby and I to take on a beautiful afternoon. Next week will be Hawaiian music and dance. The concert series will run from now until the end of March.

This was my favorite song that they played. Please watch for the back up dancer (1:40).

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