Friday, January 8, 2010

polaroid collection

Here is my entire Polaroid collection right now. Its probably time to calm down collecting more for awhile. I'll turn my attention to tracking down film.

Model 104 (1965-1967), Model 450 (1971-1974), Model 230 (1967-1969)

ProPack (199?-2003)

Model 95B (1957-1961)

Model 20/Swinger Sentinel (1965-1970), Square Shooter 2 (1972-1975)

Sun 660 (1981), Spirit 600 (198?), OneStep Express (1997-2002)

SX-70 OneStep (1977), Spectra 2 (?)

Mio (2001), I-zone (1999)

35mm AutoProcessor

Seriously folks, it is like a illness. If anyone would like to make a contribution to a cure, then please send me film. It is never a bad thing to have a collection of pictures, right?


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that is an impressive collection!!