Wednesday, January 6, 2010

For Christina

Last night I found out that a friend from middle school and high school had passed away. The story is tragic, but I believe that the best way to honor someone who has died is to celebrate their life.

Christina and I met in 6th grade in a social studies class. I was nervous because I did not know a single person in the class, but a nice girl (Christina) sitting at my table smiled at me and introduced herself. That was all I needed and we became friends. Once during that year she mentioned that her family was looking to move into a house in my neighborhood. It did not work out, but the prospects of being neighbors was pretty exciting to talk about during class. As the years passed, we had fewer classes together and had different friends, but whenever I saw her in the hallway she was smiling. She was such a loving girl and always saw the best in people - even the ones on the outskirts of popularity. She was an amazing person, for sure. I pray that comfort is encircling her family and especially her little girl at this time.

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