Monday, December 21, 2009

on the town monday - mesa temple christmas lights

i love seeing the christmas light display at the temple! when i was in utah, i went to see the display at the salk lake temple, and honestly it doesn't compare. it could be the absence of snow, or maybe the different displays, or maybe the amount of fond memories that makes the lights in mesa so special to me. this was the first time i got to share the experience with baby and he was in heaven. one of his favorite words to say right now is "yights" and he sure got to use it that night. if you want to see a spectacular show of lights and a celebration of Christ's birth, then you must go this week! did i mention it is free?


pedslp said...

Nice photos, Lydia! I especially like the one of the nativity scene ... that is most-excellent! : )

Merry Christmas to you, Adam and that cute little Rigby!

Gail said...

Great photos Lydia! You and the 50mm are getting along great!
Merry Christmas!

Dani said...

I COMPLETELY AGREE. I also think the absence of snow is a big part ;)