Friday, December 11, 2009

nothing i like more friday - bountiful baskets

yesterday i mentioned a produce co-op. bountiful baskets is the name of the co-op. i think it is a great way to get quality produce for an excellent price. we have purchased 2 "baskets" from the co-op and have been very pleased with every aspect of them. the volunteers that distribute the baskets are very nice and very helpful. i love the large variety of food provided. my favorite part of the baskets is how it cuts down on the need to grocery shop. typically i go weekly for enough food for a week's worth of meals, but i have only had to make a small trip to the store this evening for chicken and tortillas. there are no plans for a major grocery store trip until next week. fantastic, right? wouldn't you love to know exactly what i got both times?

basket 1 ($15+$3 starter fee)
*1 lb strawberries
*6 large peaches
*6 apples
*2 large tomatoes
*7 bananas
*1 bunch of asparagus
*1 cantaloupe
*1 bag of grapes
*1 large head of cabbage
*1 head of cauliflower
*1 bunch of celery
*1 acorn squash

basket 2 ($15+$7.50 for mexican ingredient pack)
*2 small seedless watermelon
*9 pears
*3 oranges
*7 tangelos
*11 apples
*5 cucumbers
*6 roma tomatoes
*4 green bell peppers
*2 stalks broccoli
*1 lb strawberries
*2 crookneck squash
*1 head of romain lettuce
*7 bananas
*1 bunch of cilantro
*1 bunch of green onions
*5 avocados
*4 limes
*11 tomatillos
*3 jalapenos
*5 green chiles
*1 garlic bulb
*2 large onions
*10 soft taco tortillas

bountiful baskets operate in arizona, utah, idaho, and washington state. if you are in these states, you should check out the website to see if there is a pick-up site near you. you can order a basket anytime between tuesday morning and wednesday at 10pm. pick-up is on saturday at various times mostly between 7 and 8am.

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Lauren Kristine said...

that is seriously the lowest price i've ever seen for a produce co-op. holy cow... looks like i need to do some more research.