Saturday, December 26, 2009

for the new year

i am looking to re-format this blog a little bit, so i'm taking suggestions on what my beloved readers are interested in knowing in general and knowing about me. please comment as i would love to hear what you want!


Stephanie said...

I love personal blogs where moms share a "glimpse" of their lives - what their daily routines are, their methods for discipline, their favorite hobbies, what they're reading lately, etc. :)

That is what I would like to see here.

Happy New Year!

AlexaRaye said...

I saw a great idea on a couple of blogs where every now and then they do a post where they list a picture an hour for every hour they are awake. I was thinking about doing this, and thought you might like it as well :)

Shanna Cluff said...

Hi Lydia!

This is kind of weird, but this is the only way I can get a hold of you because I lost my phone. We are here in AZ until Saturday and I would love to see you. Our nights are pretty much packed and we even might be going out to lunch with Mike's parents tomorrow, but maybe we could just hang out for an hour or so. Let me know what your plans are and if that works. If not, Mike and I might be here for like 2 months in the summer so we'll have plenty of time to hang out then! Let me know