Tuesday, November 24, 2009

movie review tuesday - star trek

film: star trek
starring: chris pine, zachary quinto, leonard nemoy
synopsis: a chronicle of the early days of james t. kirk and his fellow uss enterprise crew members.
grade: a

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it wasn't until i married husband that i realized that not everyone watched star trek movies while growing up. it was also at that point that i realized that my mom is a bit of a trekky. not to the point of attending comicon and speaking klingon, but she knows her stuff. knowing husband could care less if he saw the movie, i waited to see it until mom was available. i really enjoyed this film and would say this is my favorite star trek movie to date. it kept my attention and was easy to follow. plus it satisfied my love for spock. my mom liked it as well because it offered a new adventure for the original characters that worked with the original series/movies. i am now going to watch all the old movies to see if i can pick up on all the things mom pointed out.


Flying Princess said...

I am so glad you liked it! And that mom got to see it, too.

We've watched it twice since we bought it on Saturday.

YAY Star Trek!

Stephanie said...

My husband saw that film in the theaters with a friend when it first came out. He liked it so now I would like to see it. Maybe we'll rent it...