Monday, October 12, 2009

on the town monday - payson area

as mentioned before, i spent some time in the woods this past weekend. it was beautiful! the point of the trip was to take pictures of the changing leaves. it was amazing how many leaves hadn't changed colors. but there were enough to take some amazing pictures. i loved having a dew days devoted to photography. and i really enjoyed getting to know my friends a little better. here are my favorite photos from the trip:

i was able to borrow a 50mm lens, so i used it for all these pictures. basically i never want to use my kit lens again. guess what i want for my birthday? and did i mention these are right out of the camera? i don't really know how i survived so long without this lens.

back to the location, i love staying in the payson, az area. there are so many beautiful things to see. i enjoyed the lovely cabins, wonderful camping cites, the gorgeous scenery, and the 20 degree change in weather an hour and a half away from the valley of the sun. one of my favorite things about arizona is the variety of settings that are within hours of each other. az is mostly known for the heat in the southern half, but there are beautiful forests were seasons exist and snow falls just hours away from cactus. snow is lovely to visit for a while knowing that after a short drive i'm home and so much warmer. i love arizona.


Amy said...

I love those pictures!! You do such great work Lydia!

Heather!! said...

oh, wow. this place looks so beautiful!! love the stream and the climbing vines, i love that sort of plant :) you capture way better pics than me, haaha.