Tuesday, October 27, 2009

movie review tuesday - secret of nimh

film: secret of nimh (1982)
starring: voices of derek jacobi and elizabeth hartman
synopsis: a field mouse has to relocate her home to a safer place, but her son is too ill to move. she seeks the help of a secret society of rats.
grade: b

i remember watching this movie a lot as a kid. the only reason i watched it was because the mama mouse moves her whole cinder block house with the magical amulet. i did not understand a thing about what was happening beyond the house had to move because the farmer was going to plow it down where it stood.

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watching it again last week i realized how much cooler the story line actually is. there are many layers to it. i want to live in a rosebush lair designed by the rats of nimh, as long as they have perfected using electricity not stolen from someone's house/farm. if this is a movie that you watch as a kid, but have not recently viewed, i suggest you revisit mrs. brisby and her drama. i should mention that husband sat and watched it with me. he rarely ever will watch an animated film.

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Flying Princess said...

I remember that we (the kids) had to "read" this story together with Dad before we could go see it in the theater. I am not sure we finished on time, but I remember seeing the movie being a BIG deal.

I think I may need to watch it again.