Monday, September 14, 2009

on the town monday - secondhand stores

this weekend i took advantage of goodwill's 50% saturday sales. i found 2 polaroid cameras to add to my collection: a swinger sentinel and a rainbow one step. the joy of finding these cameras was overwhelming (especially the one step because i have been admiring it on etsy for so long) but the best part of it was the price. i paid 4 dollars total for both! i love all the secondhand stores in my area. back in provo there were 2 stores to chose from - a deseret industries and savers. both were extremely lacking when it came to intriguing selection. now there are at least 3 goodwills, 1 savers, 1 deseret industries, plus various other named thrift stores and a buffalo exchange near me now within the same distance that the 2 thrift stores were located from my home in provo. i don't think i have to say it again, but i love living in arizona.

p.s. today i went to deseret industries and found a small wooden radio flyer wagon and toddler style brio train set. the grand total was 6 dollars. and baby rode home with the wagon in his lap and a huge smile on his face.


Blueyedmle said...

We are huge goodwill fans. Most of Reeds stuff is second hand. But Sunday he had his Gap shirt and Polo cords on... And I swear $5 total wasn't spent on it. Anyone who pays full price is crazy.

Amy said...

Ahh, I will NEVER forget the Halloween of 2004--our trip to DI! :)