Tuesday, September 8, 2009

movie review tuesday - duplicity

film: duplicity
starring: clive owen and julia roberts
synopsis: two corporate spies meet, fall in love, and try to outsmart their employers in hopes of getting enough money to run away together.
grade: b-

this movie is good, but not great. in channels a little ocean's 11, entrapment, and mr and mrs smith. it was mostly predictable and i was unsatisfied with the ending. i did really enjoy the little "fight scene" that went on between the two corporate heads at the beginning. something about paul giamatti and tom wilkinson having a quality old man duel out in the rain was priceless. i would like to say that clive owen looks good as a spy. he should do another spy movie, only one with action. i wouldn't go so far as to say he should be 007, because i don't think he would do the part justice. daniel craig is too good and replacing him with owen would be anti-climactic. i would have prefered a different leading lady. roberts did not do it for me.

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