Tuesday, September 1, 2009

movie review tuesday - amelie

film: amelie
starring: audrey tautou and mathieu kassovitz
synopsis: an innocent and naive girl in Paris, with her own sense of justice, decides to help those around her and discovers love along the way.
grade: a

i adore this film! this film is right up there with 500 days of summer as far as one of the few perfect movies out there - but! it is only the clean flicks version that i give such a prestigious title. the first time i watched it i was wondering where this movie was all my life. i love the mystery that is tied to the many photobooths around paris. *sidenote* i would love to own a photobooth and have it set up in my house. i have big ideas for parties when we own a house and this would only enhance any party. *end sidenote* the cinematography is simply amazing! i love that when i think of this movie i think of the color green. i love all the little games she plays with everyone - its like a movie full of secret missions! and i love how it ends. there is nothing cuter and more delightful to me than to see two lovers ride off on a scooter - preferably a vespa - and this movie has it. everything cute, poetic, creative, and mischievous that i love is in this film. if anyone knows how i can get a copy of the clean flicks version, let me know! i will provide a handsome reward.

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Katie and Ferenc said...

i want a photobooth too! we rented one for our wedding reception, and it was awesome! unlimited photostrips!