Saturday, September 5, 2009

listen up - pete yorn and scarlett johansson

i had no idea that scarlett johansson sang! she and pete yorn have a duet album coming out in the next few weeks. i am basically sold on her voice. this duo reminds me a lot of she & him (another band you should check out) because it is a actress paired with an established musician, the girl has an old school sound to her voice, and the music is delightful. but! i feel that pete and scarlett (we are totally on a first name basis with each other) have something a little different to offer because there aren't any covers on their album, break up. right now relator is the only track available before the official release, but if it is any indication of how the rest of their music sounds, i am all over that.

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Heather!! said...

HEY!! i love scarjo, awesome!!~!