Tuesday, August 11, 2009

movie review tuesday - coraline

film: coraline
starring: dakota fanning and teri hatcher
synopsis: a spunky girl finds an alternate world that seems perfect compared to her home life, but it there is more to the alternate universe than meets the eye.
grade: b+

this was delightfully creepy. i enjoyed the imagery of it. and i really liked the moral of the story. it is very fitting to our society today. we are consumers that are never satisfied. when someone gives us all we want, we just beg for more. there is a point in the movie where the little ghost children say "she lured us away with treasures and treats... gave all that we asked yet we still wanted more. so we let her sew the buttons. she said she loved us. but she locked us here. and ate up our lives." i was thinking she = credit. i was watching the news today and a man was talking about locals filing for bankruptcy. he said that those who file for bankruptcy should not be ashamed and should not blame themselves. um?! credit card and debt ate up their lives and they made the decisions that got them there. man up, yo. anyway. off the soapbox now. i really liked this movie. well made. and nice sneak of politically incorrect lines in the script. i found that to be a nice touch. i watched it twice before returning it to ye ol' redbox.

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Anonymous said...

I read the book it was based on a while ago and really liked it, so I'll definitely watch the movie soon when I get a chance.