Monday, July 6, 2009

on the town monday - the wedge

after the first visit to scope it out, the same posse went back on friday. this time bro brought his skateboard. i cannot tell you how much i enjoy sitting and watching people skate. it is very zen. the sound of the wheels on concrete is one of my favorite sounds. there were a few others there skating, so it was pretty fun to sit and watch. baby loved it until it started getting too hot for him to handle. of course i had my camera, and i am satisfied with a few pictures.

baby taking notes for his future career in x games

a grandpa there with his grandson offered to take this one because having baby on my sholders was just "so cute"

we plan to make another trip later on today (funny to say since it it just barely monday). i'm bringing along a friend in hope of feeling less like a creeper watching the skaters. sad to say that bro has said he does not want to be the subject in any photos this time around. doesn't he realize that i'm making an effort in taking him out to scottsdale and the least he could do is ignore the fact that he may or may not be in pictures taken by two up and coming photographers? get over it.

a little iphoto magic - it reminds me of a movie i used to watch

p.s. i wanted a skateboard back in high school and visiting the wedge just reminded me that i still long to have one.

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Heather!! said...

what a guy, because that pic is--SO cute.