Thursday, July 9, 2009

fun story

tuesday night i went to bed very late, but after about an hour of lying in bed i was still awake. wide awake, in fact. i was still awake when husband woke up to go to work. that same (wednesday) morning, baby decided to wake up early. he also decided that he was not going to take his morning nap. i was able to take a one hour nap at 2pm, but then had to attend my class. surprisingly, i was wide awake all during school. i had to take a benadryl to go to bed because i was wired even at 10pm. in 36 hours i only had an hour nap and the rest of the time i was wide awake and wired. not sure what happened. the thought crossed my mind that i may have had caffeine or something, but i could not think of anything that could have had it. does anyone know what would cause my crazy surge of energy?

and just so you know, i slept for 8+ hours last night and woke up quit refreshed. but i am feeling the same level of energy i felt tuesday night. here's to the hope that i sleep tonight.

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Blueyedmle said...

freaky hormones???
On a total side note, my word verification is UNDIZ (It makes me laugh cause all I can think of is undies....)