Tuesday, June 9, 2009

movie review tuesday - twilight

film: twilight
starring: kristen stewart and robert pattinson
synopsis: an age old story - boy meets girl, they fall in love, boy is a vampire, and he has to fight off the urge to suck her blood.
grade: b

don't jump the gun here. i have never read even a sentence of any of the books and i am all about mocking those that swoon over the twilight series, but i liked the movie. there was a dark element to the film that was just right for me. once upon a time i was a freshman at byu and a boy told me that he would describe my personality as soft punk. this movie had a soft punk vibe. it had edgy-ness to counteract the horribly sappy-ness of the story line just enough to make it enjoyable. this is a good movie to have on while doing an art project. instead of writing out an essay of all the pros and cons of this film, here is list of them.

*music - loved it! especially the muse pick during the baseball game.
*overcast feel of the movie
*prom combo of chucks with a formal-ish dress
*bella is from phoenix! so there were saguaros in the beginning!
*awesome beat up truck
*it did not seem as sappy as the books are rumored to be
*bad vampire james was the bad guy volchok from the oc
*great casting

*bella's character - ugh
*edward reminded me too much of a horrible date i once had
*bad vampire james was the bad guy volchok from the oc - they were basically the same character plus the first one killed marissa and the second tried to kill bella - that is scary
*the stigma associated with the books and therefore the movie
*horrible lines - not as bad as star wars episode I,II, and III, but not a whole lot better

favorite scene:

**still probably won't read the books. just not into it.**


Jen said...

I'm with you on the music. Overall top notch choices. Beyond that...well...I could write a thousand page dissertation on what is wrong with both the movie and the books.

It's not my fault I'm a film snob. I blame Jared.

Incidentally, have you seen "Everything is Illuminated"? Watched it last night. Highly recommended for a movie review post.

Blueyedmle said...

The books are better. And Im Twilights biggest critic...

Stephanie said...

That baseball scene was the coolest. Great cinematography.

I've read the first two books and am hoping to read the next two in the upcoming month or two. I found the books to be entertaining and enjoyable. They're not classics, but they're fun to read. The author has a great imagination.

- Stephanie