Friday, June 26, 2009

king of pop

here are my simple thoughts on michael jackson and his recent passing:

i love love his music. it is just amazing. i cannot sit still whenever i hear his stuff. thriller is the best album ever. he was a great musician and performer, for sure. i am sorry that despite his success, he had a difficult life. he obviously had self-esteem issues that were probably magnified by all the attention and media. while it appears that everyone is morning the loss, i am not sad because i like to think that he is feeling a great deal of peace because he no longer has to deal with all the paparazzi/media meddling and may finally sort out all the psychological issues that plagued him.

on a lighter note:

this video is amazingly random. i first saw it as part of a intro to film lecture. it was indeed a great day.

if only husband used this approach to let me know i was the cheese to his macaroni. that belt is so gangster.

form the moment i saw this one, i was convinced that i could do the sideways body move (about 3:25). no matter how hard i have tried, it has yet to happen.

this would be my favorite song. check out the adorable child pimp hat.

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